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Store Espresso – Camperdown

23 Apr

by feature blogger – Rod Eames

Waking up on Saturday morning without a hangover, and seeing that the rain had decided to stay in bed, meant one thing – a leisurely breakfast. Now I must admit that although breakfast is not my favourite meal of the day (as generally there is no wine served with it), there is nothing quite like a relaxing Saturday morning feed. So, where better to go than to Store Espresso in Camperdown?

Poached eggs with fennel sausage in a tomato base

Whilst the food is genuinely decent at Store, it’s not the food that you go for. Store is located on Fowler Street opposite Camperdown Oval, a favourite location for dog owners and joggers. The quirkiness of this cafe is that you can sit in the park and they will bring your breakfast to you. This makes Store uniquely relaxing and perfect for Saturday or Sunday mornings.

I have to admit, that I wasn’t a fan of the concept at first (I think mainly because I would be bugged about getting a dog), but I have slowly come to love it. The coffee is actually pretty good, and you do get value for money (average breakfast is around $15). The service can be hit and miss (depending on how many lemonades the wait staff had the night before), and every now and then you feel that the chef has the day off and someone else is doing the cooking.

On this morning though we were in luck. There were four of us eating and it seemed it wasn’t the chef’s weekend off. One of the wait staff did seem to be bothered by the fact that they had to walk across the park to serve us, but the remaining staff were friendly. I ordered the poached eggs with fennel sausage in a tomato base. The tomato sauce was really good, and the flavours of the poached egg and fennel sausage did make for a fine combination. The other three enjoyed different variations of traditional eggs and trimmings. The hit once again were the mushrooms which appear to be cooked with garlic, butter and 11 secret herbs and spices.

Mixed eggs breakfast - Store

Ok, now I am going to admit that sometimes I do find little things annoy me, especially when you are paying for something, so I can’t write a review without mentioning these things. Firstly, all four of us got our meals before we got our coffees. When one of us dared to suggest that the coffee hadn’t come yet, the response rudely put was that they were really busy (there would have been no more than 15 people). The second thing, which is quite trivial, but I hate it when you pay for breakfast and they don’t butter the bread!!

Overall I really do enjoy breakfast at Store. Maybe it is because of the ambiance, maybe it’s because of the company, and maybe it’s just that it’s different. I would add a recommendation at here but I really wouldn’t want them getting too busy (otherwise we would never get coffee). Overall they get a7 out of ten (they lose a half point for being too busy).


The ‘Dirty Lemon’ aka Lemon Twist Cafe – Surry Hills

14 Apr
Its our last weekend in Surry Hills/Coogee before moving to Erskineville for a more inner-west flavour.
The dirty lemon
To mark this end of an era, we went to one of our favourite Surry Hills cafe’s The Dirty Lemon, named by the oversized dusty lemon hanging over the shop front. Today I found out the actual name of the cafe, of which there are 3; Lemon, Lemon Twist and The Lemon Cafe. I think our name works best.

Buffalo Eggs

In my opinion the ‘corn fritter stack’ is a winner, you must, must add halloumi to achieve, what comes very close to, perfection. I entered a moment of insanity and decided that I should
venture away from old reliable and try something else on the menu. As it was a rare Saturday that I am not nursing a hangover, I went for the ‘buffalo eggs’ as a healthy option. By leaving the
toast, this is low GI, low carb and quite possibly one of the very few healthy egg breakfast options. With the delicate flavour of buffalo mozzarella, combined with the crunchy bed of rocket and mixed leaves this breakfast leaves you feeling satisfied without being too full. I think a breakfast like this means it’s fine not to go for a run, right?
Jo  7/10 for food only because the healthy options never get the big points.
Corn fritter stack
The ‘corn fritter stack’ with added halloumi lived up to expectations. I was hung over and this hit the nail on the head. I love the salty halloumi with the sour lemon. The only thing I would change about this, would be to make it a halloumi stack with a side of corn fritters because it tastes so good. The flavour is balanaced out with the crunchy rocket, tomato, corn and advocado which makes this also feel like a filling yet healthy option.
Rohan – this is good 9/10
This cafe always plays great tunes, the staff have personality with a few jokes thrown in for free. It’s a great spot for people watching, with more Surry Hills hipsters passing than you can shake a lemon at.
We will miss you Dirty Lemon.

The Book Kitchen – Surry Hills

12 Apr

Trio of corn fritters

The Book Kitchen in Surry Hills is a modern, stylish cafe with the option to sit inside or out.

After a previous experience of food envy I was certain to order the ‘Trio of corn fritters’. With 3 breakfasts squeezed into one, this is packed full of flavour and filling without being too much. The lemon juice in the avocado made this my favourite of the three, fresh and zingy.

8/10 reviewed by Jo

The Book Kitchen exceeded expectations with the classic bacon and egg roll. The waitress asked if I would like my eggs bio, ‘from a happy hen’. My breakfast tastes that bit better when I know my chook is happily clucking around free with the wind in her feathers.

The roll was soft and fresh and the sweet and spicy chutney sets this apart from the rest. An oldie but a goodie.

The coffee is great here, a smooth creamy flat white, nice and strong without being bitter.

7/10 reviewed by Rohan

We would definitely go again.

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