Corelli’s Café Newtown

1 May

Our first and last time

Corellis front buildingAfter an early Sunday morning walk to explore our new surroundings in the Newtown area, we strolled past a charming building on King Street opposite the Greek Church. We thought it would be a great place to eat breakfast and watch the world go by. A couple of hours later, Newtown was filling up fast, we stopped at Corellis Cafe.

As soon as we walked in the door we realised we had made a big mistake. While standing in the cramped doorway for 5 minutes, student styled staff glided around in a stoned haze. I felt like we were in the middle of George St in everyone’s way rather than waiting to be seated. Once the crowd cleared, finally a grown up appeared and seemed to be in charge, we were relieved. We asked for a table for two and she informed us we could “Just pick one”. We quickly realised this place is more DIY than fine dining.

The place just feels grimy and in need of a good scrub down. After a quick scan of the room, we could go inside, at the bar in front of the window, but cramped up next to a table used for preparing food, covered in butter and crumbs. We decided to sit outside.

As our water and coffees were served, all the glasses and cutlery looked like they needed a good wash. Then to top it off a fly landed and drowned in my coffee – not the fault of Corelli’s however, my revulsion seemed to sum up the place nicely.

My vegetarian breakfast was swimming in oil and a light year away from the healthy option that I had envisaged – your run of the mill, greasy fry up. His Eggs Benedict were not too bad but oodles of dressing made it feel like an indulgence.

So for the same price as every other swanky cafe, we felt kind of violated by the grease invasion which stayed with us for the next 2 hours despite copious amounts of mints and gum.

We won’t be returning.




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