The pancake could have been a bit bigger – Kazbah, Balmain

19 May

Kazbah - breakfast tagine

Today we have set out to achieve the impossible – a table for 6 at one of Sydney’s most popular breakfast spots on Mothers day, with a one and three year old in tow. Most would call that insane, but I have always been an optimist.

It’s been a hectic morning, my optimism has me in trouble again. I am convinced that I can fit in an unrealistic number of jobs, errands and tasks into the 2 hours before meeting for brunch. We get parked and only 5 minutes late, we are approaching Kazbah for our 11.30 Arabian breakfast. I spot my sister and hubby unloading their two bablets, she has some kind of park from the gods, right outside the front door of Kazbah – she doesn’t even seem to notice,  this is our first miracle of the day.

Kids unpacked, we turn to face a crowd resembling a Stella McCartney sale at Target – it was going to be hand bags at dawn to get in the front door. We salvage some comfort in that we did book our table weeks ago, will they take that into consideration and let us through?

We are summond, group by group and we only had to wait a few minutes and as if by magic the crowd was cleared within 10 minutes as breakfast sitting round 2 (or possibly 3) is seated.

I did pre-request a high chair, when I ask the waiter, who looks like he has been running on a treadmill for the last 2 hours, he rushes back with our baby seat.

So, we are in! smug and settled into our table in the corner by the bar. The kids are sorted, the tables are covered in paper and pots of coloured crayons keep them entertained while their parents justify vodka for breakfast – its Bloody Mary’s all round – they are bloody good, like an ice cold liquid curry. Be warned, they knock your socks off – packed full of spices and Tabasco for the chilli

Kids - what's the verdict?You can’t go to Kazbah and not have the breakfast Tagine – how often is there a Tagine on the breakfast menu? All adults agree so we get a large one to share between 4 of us. It lives up to expectations, it includes: lamb mince, sucuk (which Google tells me is Turkish sausage), spinach, roast capsicum, roast tomato, caramelised onion, fetta and eggs, along with a host of spices and flavours. The eggs continue cooking freshly on the hot plate in front of us. The Tagine is accompanied with flat breads for dipping. There is an ample to fill 4 hungry bellies. Why do I feel like I am doing something forbidden by having spicy mince for breakfast? The guilty pleasure adds to my excitement.

I once heard that a Labrador doesn’t know when it’s hd to much to eat, they risk eating themselves to death – for todays visit to Kazbah, I am a Labrador.

The kids get the pancake which is more cake than pan. It is enormous and very rich, they soon give up and the adults try to be of assistance, but with bellies full of spicy mince and bloody Mary’s, this probably wasn’t wise.

We eventually roll out the front door, Kazbah was very busy today but they pulled it off. They even followed up with a phone call on Monday to enquire about my experience as they were busier than usual – nice touch.


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