A dog watching paradise – The Hive Bar

21 Jun

Bloody Mary's

We are enjoying a weekend in our home suburb of Erskineville; a short stroll from our front door, brings us to The Hive Bar. This quirky small bar provides a great drinking alternative to the more traditional pub next door and they now serve breakfast at the weekends – bonus.

As soon as you enter Hive bar, it’s a sensory overload, there is plenty to look at, from a giant black cobra coming out of the pipes to an antique gramophone horn as a tip jar. It almost feels like we have stepped out of Sydney and into the back streets of Byron Bay. It took me a while to realise I was holding a menu, they are all cunningly disguised as album covers.

We have popped in here a few times now and all the staff we come across seem to have a genuine passion for their product  – booze – and have been always been incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.

Home made corn fritters

It’s quite early so we can take our pick of the seating. It’s either outside – for an up close and personal people watching experience, or tucked away in the cosy bar, listening to the tunes. We are welcomed by the barman and take our seats at the window, a safe distance to watch the wacky world of Erskineville whizz past.

We kick start brunch with 2 bloody Mary’s to knock off the cobwebs from the night before – we are in a bar after all and in desperate need of a hair-of-the-dog. They make their own Mary mixture and it is really worth a try, a double will well and truly wake you up.

I order the home made corn fritters with fresh corn off the cob, zucchini, Spanish onion and roast capsicum, served with one fried egg, but I am having mine poached, with oven roasted tomatoes , spinach and tomato chutney. It certainly hits the spot, the fritters are thin and light, different to the thicker version I am used to but I like it, they somehow feel healthy.

He has the Goats cheese scrambled eggs with shallots, served on sourdough toast, with oven roasted tomatoes, spinach and tomato chutney, with an added extra serve of bacon, which really makes this dish. If you are hungry, we highly recommend going for the extra bacon.

Goats cheese scrambled eggs

Now we are watered and fed, we can sit back and let the drama before us unfold. A local eccentric is hassling to all the Hive customers in the outdoor

seats – rookies! We can observe from a safe distance but just out of earshot, much to my displeasure. The barmaid comes out to speak to our eccentric, she has obviously had to do this before and handles the situation with grace and even returns with a coffee for her as a gift  – the staff here get another star.

In addition to eccentrics, Erskineville has more dogs than people; if you are an avid dog watcher like me, there might not be a better spot in Sydney. We spot, Collies, Spaniels, Spoodles, Poodles, Pugs, Chiwawas, Westies, Staffies and Labs, all in the time it takes us to finish slurping on our hair-of-the-dog.

We love having this place down the road, its packed full of character, the bar staff know what they are talking about and mix up a top Bloody Mary. The breakfast is pretty good too.



One Response to “A dog watching paradise – The Hive Bar”

  1. Andrea Barrett June 22, 2012 at 4:02 am #

    Dinner time in Hertfordshire but I’m ready for brekkie in Erskie, and a smooch (or maybe a cuddle would suffice) with a pooch. Sounds like a great spot, I shall look forward to frequenting this joint on my next trip to Sydders. Andrea

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