A cafe by the park – Bar Nosh, Erskineville

17 Sep

A few weeks ago we were enjoying the last night of our Fiji holiday. The landlady at a Nadi watering hole, asked us where we lived and it transpired that her niece ran a café in our home town – Bar Nosh, 110 Swanson Street, Erskineville.

How could we have missed a café that has been right under our noses all this time? Ah yes, it is next door to Bitton, that’s a tough neighbour to have in the brunch market.  I recall trying to visit Bar Nosh once before, until we spotted Bitton next door and simply wooed by their flirty French-ness.

Unfortunately, I am on a strict elimination diet to identify food intolerances, which means no yummy food. A month into the diet and I am starting to try eating wheat so we celebrate by going out for breakfast.

Since our last breakfast trip, we bought a Cocker Spaniel puppy – Ralph, so we will now be focusing on cafes with outdoor seating. Fortunately, Bar Nosh has plenty of seats outside so we are in luck.

It’s a spring, Sydney morning and we drive up to Bar Nosh and get a parking spot right outside the front. Swanson street can be quite a busy road, but right opposite the café is a great little dog park – a particular favourite of Ralph’s – which makes eating here feel quite relaxing.

We have our pick of outdoor tables, the staff greet us quickly with menus and acknowledge the dog, yes we have become those people, he is a part of the family and is equally a part of our brunch experience. We order drinks, I’m still off coffee but he orders and it arrives promptly and it’s great, we are off to a good start.

We place our order in good time, no waiting around, I almost wonder if our waiter has a stop watch to perfectly time his visits against best practise. We are hungry and so very pleased by the fact that we don’t have to wait around to be noticed.

Im still limited with food options so after drooling over the menu, more so than Ralph, I wipe up and stick to the rules and go with poached eggs on toast. He orders scrambled eggs with camembert, smoked salmon and pesto oil – I have food envy and it hasn’t even arrived yet. The menu is really interesting, lots of twists and extras to the standard brunch fair.

Ralph and I run across the road and we say hello to a few walkers and Ralph sniff’s a few bottoms. We run back and breakfast is served.

His scrambled eggs are huge, you can just eat the egg without the bread and that will still be a mighty feed. It gets wolfed back pretty quick, always a good sign. The cheese is a real winner. My poached eggs are perfectly cooked and the wholemeal sourdough is tasty and filling.

We really enjoyed our first trip to Bar Nosh and we will definitely be coming back to try out some more things on this menu. 7.5/10


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