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Citrus – drinks only

27 Feb

Citrus street viewStrolling home through the heart of Newtown, having just dropped off pooch for his last summer cut  we take the opportunity to try Citrus Espresso Bar on King Street.

A world away from the retro and traditional styles of so many Sydney cafes, it has modern signage of  bright orange with a futuristic font and there not a hipster to be seen. Instead it seems this place is popular with families, the grey brigade and possibly tourists.

A faux leather couch runs along the wall with tables of two spotted along. They have those comfy padded chairs that make me feel like I’d be happy to sit  watching the rest of the weekend stroll by through the large window at the front. Booths are available towards the back but someone in the know has these reserved. The modern design continues inside, it’s almost like a leather lined spaceship – maybe this is what Argo would have been like if the fake film was actually made!

Citrus - omlette

The large front wall/window  fills the place with natural light and allows for some great people watching, although it can get a bit noisy when the buses pass by. There is one of those fluorescent fly killers mounted on the wall but flies still seem to be everywhere today.

We take our seats and they are quick to bring water over. We then continue to sit and wait but don’t get any menus for a short while. Someone notices and he drops them off with a sorry, so all fine there.

The menu and liquor license suggest that this is more of a lunch and dinner venue as breakfast is just at the top of their enormous menu.

I ordered the three egg omelette with capsicum, onion and mushroom with a chai team. He gets bacon and eggs with haloumi and avocado, flat white and a milkshake. Our waitress doesn’t write anything down, but remembered it all.


Citrus - Bacon and eggs

The drinks take a while and come out individually but the chai is lovely and worth the wait, not a packet of chai powder in site with lots of fresh spices. I watch the Barrista as he makes his coffees and he takes great care and it looks like a little love goes into each and every one.

We were going well until the food came out.

My omelette was simply a fried pancake of egg, folded in half with an assortment of items placed inside. I found tasteless old, whole mushrooms, that tasted like they had come from a tin or they had been soaked within an inch of their lives. The capsicum was soggy and could have been sloshing around in the same barrel of water as the onions – or were they just tinned too? The onion was chopped so they must have had a knife kicking around somewhere but lacked any flavour. Despite my attempts to add salt and pepper, this was nothing but a bland and greasy plate of food.

His bacon had no flavour and tasted like it had been boiled into oblivion and I’m not really a fan of 1 inch white toast – more trukkie than inner west brunching.

The people who worked there seemed lovely, the drinks were great but the food was very disappointing.





Plenty to look at – Kitchen by Mike

16 Feb

The building is a factory conversion with a designer furniture store in the same premises. It looks very stylish with distressed bricks, oversized lampshades, exposed  pipes and industrial styled light fittings. It’s a safe and conservative colour palette of black, white and chrome, mixed with natural tones of wood and copper. It is a blend of urban chic meets provincial kitchen.

Ham and eggs

A glass wall across the back of the building floods the café with natural light. The glass is shielded by a herb wall; an iron frame houses a multitude of black pots filled with herbs, spices and house plants like a vertical greenhouse . I take note of this genius approach to growing herbs, keeping them well out of harm’s way and the clutches of our pet Spaniel or visiting children.

It is very hard to create much of an atmosphere in a room with very high ceilings, despite the polished finish it lacked a little heart.

There is plenty to look at, you order at the counter where you see their freshly baked wares of pastries muesli and accompaniments, I love the honey dipper – it’s the little things that count.

The fresh mango and berries looks very appetizing, I almost consider ditching my eggs for mangoes but resist – can you have dessert at breakfast?

KBM room

The menu is simple:  fruits, muesli and staple bacon and egg dishes. It’s simple but clear the ingredients are carefully selected for their quality and I expect mostly home-made.

The menu is hand written onto a chrome extractor fan – looks trendy and industrial but you miss the detail that a menu offers. I ordered the Kurobuta ham with smashed eggs and I am picturing an omelette. When I get ham and eggs on toast, it looks lovely but I can’t eat the gluten so had to send it back for a redo. They were perfectly lovely and changed it with no hassles.

The ham and smashed eggs were a pleasant surprise, the ham was full of flavour and the prinkling of chilli flakes on top really set this dish apart from the rest.

He gets a bacon buttie AND eggs benedict (he was hungry). I think he is bold ordering two breakfasts but they are small portions and he easily puts both away with little effort.

The coffee is great although it comes standard as a double shot – yikes! You order and pay at the bar so it’s a quick turnaround, we are in, fed and out within 30 mins.

A lovely breakfast and a solid 7/10

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